Solitary Bees

Powerscourt waterfall, County Wicklow Ireland.

On a visit to the Powerscourt waterfall I noticed a series of small burrows along the riverbank. I had no idea, what was living in them ( August 2018.)

On closer inspection, the burrows were visited regularly by bees.

It turns out the river banks were full of Solitary bee burrows.

I spent some time watching them come and go.

They were absolutely fascinating to watch

Colletes succinctus solitary bee species

Each bee would land just a short distance from their burrow.

There are actually over 70 different species of solitary bee in Ireland.

Many of these species are under threat.

It sure was fantastic to see this thriving colony.


Also on the same visit I found some shamrock growing in the mist of the waterfall.

I also spotted an Irish dipper (bird) bobbing along the rocks of the river bed.

The Powerscourt waterfall and woods are definitely a great area to visit for nature lovers. Just tread lightly and find a good place to sit and enjoy it all!