Out-run You

Why oh why, do you go for my eyes?

Why is it, that in all of this beautiful place, you’re still abuzz for my face?

Some say it’s the moisture that draws you, a replenishing drink perhaps it may be?

But you’ve shown, you’ll still leave a perfectly good puddle, and come straight for me.

While the Australian people wave you away,

you have me running about, with little grace,

RUN, is all I can do, to try and escape your penchant, for my face.

I run and I run and I run away, a measure of my fitness, how many of you can keep up …….. they say. 

Sometimes you make me cough and hack.

As you turn yourself into an involuntary snack.

Even when cycling, I can be surrounded by a determined few…..

Oh why Australian bush fly?

What’s in this for you?