County Armagh slang words and expressions

Many of the Irish counties have their own unique words and phrases.

County Armagh has some ‘Quare’ ones for sure!

For a start, in Armagh, quare can mean weird or excellent, depending on the context.

County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Let’s have a look at some more ….

The words ‘ Glipe, Carn or a Gamrel,’ all describe a disobedient or unruly dog!

As in, ‘I wish that glipe would stop coming over here and crapping on my lawn.’

Glipe or Carn can also be used to describe a person, especially if they have been annoying in some way.

Next we have

Galoot’ – a clumsy / awkward/ bungling person

As in, ‘That galoot spilled the can of paint everywhere!’

That one is probably not too far off the next one either ….

 ‘Hallion’ meaning a rascal, scallywag or scoundrel.

As in, ‘Get off my foot you big hallion!

Although hallion can also be a term of endearment,

As in, ‘That hallion, got man of the match!’

Next up we consider some Armagh drinking terminology

A very drunk person could be said to be, ‘Bluttered,’ (interchangeable with being Pished or Plastered) especially if they have gone and made a ‘Gorb’ of themselves on the wine, at a wedding (Gorb – glutton, pig. )

Worse still, one could then go on to ‘Bomb scare,’ everyone whilst bluttered. 

Apart from when there is an actual bomb threat, bomb scare in this context– describes someone that’s had a feed of drink and proceeds to make a show of themselves !

As in, ‘Did you see Johnny, as full as a shuck, he single-handedly bomb scared everyone and cleared the dance floor!’ ( shuck = more widely used Northern term for drain, actually spelled sheugh)

In Armagh getting ‘Milled,’  at the pub has a whole new meaning – interchangeable with ‘Biffed,’ this means getting ( punched /beaten up/ a hoofing)

Back to more everyday ones …

In the winter you could find yourself, ‘Foundered,’ which means

 ( freezing/ shaking / trembling with the cold)

As in, ‘Jeez i’m foundered, let me in to the fire!’

In Armagh ‘Skinking,’ has less to do with how a cat prowls and more to do with making a mess, especially in a kitchen.

As in, ‘Will you ever quit skinking around the kitchen sink,’

Belt up’ and ‘Shut yer bake’ probably don’t need a whole lot of explanation

A ‘Skitter’ is a naughty young person, although the context of this word is very important as skitter can mean something very different also (having the runs!) Which brings us swiftly to the next one ….

Wearing your brand new ‘Gutties,’ could cause all sorts of confusion in a different county, but here it refers to trainers or sports shoes!

If the food in the take away is ‘ Hummin,’ well that really isn’t a good thing – that means  (unappetising / yuck)

Finally a ‘Squib’ is a term for a snack / morning tea break- a term pretty much unique to Armagh.

In many other Northern towns and counties a squib is a kind of firework!

Having a squib, the Armagh way

That’s just few, I’m sure there are more, send them on to me!

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